[Adman] Displaying ads on the front-end

You have full control of the ads and how they are displayed, we have created a basic tag system for you:



limit=“x” : Number of ads to display on the page
group=“y” : The ‘group url’ of the Ad Group that you created
order=“RANDOM|SORT_ORDER” : Optionally allow you to randomly output the order of the ads or display in a specific order


{ad_url} : The tracking url and forwarder of the advert
{ad_image} : The ad image as /path/to/image.jpg
{ad_title} : The Title of the ad.
{ad_alt} : ALT Text of the ad.
{is_flash} : A conditional to identify whether the ad is flash (swf) or not.

Example Code Snippets are available at:


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